How Hosting Affects SEO Rankings?


Everybody probably knows at least a little bit about search engine optimization. Its difficult not to in this day and age where anywhere you turn, there are talks about keywords and analytics & how best to optimize your website for a better rank on Google’s SERP.

Here’s the thing about SEO it is more than choosing the right keyword for your content to serve to your viewers. There are actually many more different factors that can impact how Google ranks you – including what hosting you choose.

Hosting certainly can make a difference, for some of the reasons like:

  1. Security
  2. Speed

Security is pretty important or else the risk to your site of being hacked increases, a hack to your website will compromise your rankings which can later be very hard to regain. Link Spamming Bots use your site for link building, usually by spamming links in comment section or forum discussions. These links hurt your SEO in a number of ways, mainly by diminishing your site’s Trust and Authority ratings and thus damaging your SERP rankings. Thus security is necessary for a SEO ranking of your website.

Speed – the more RAM and bandwidth,the greater server’s processing capabilties and faster it is likely to perform.  This means that dedicated servers will perform better than a dedicated VPS, shared VPS, or shared hosting.  The bigger your site becomes and the bigger bandwidth it creates, the more you’ll need a server that can handle that. There is a good interaction between site speed and organic rankings. If the server is slowing you down, it could be holding you down as well.

There are thousands of web hosting companies in the market. But, choosing a good and reliable web hosting is a real hard task job.If you are planning to move to a new web hosting company, it probably means you are not satisfied with the old web hosting company. Yes, I already said choosing a good web hosting service provider is not an easy task.

Arics Techonology’s hosting is one of the best web hosting company suit for business owner. Our hosting provides website design capability, web hosting performance, reliability, customer service, and afford-ability. Reliable hosting services under Rs. 149.00 /mo. Our trusted ratings, based on real user reviews, will help you choose us as a web host for your website. Arics Techonology’s hosting is a  innovator in business web hosting, offering a number of web hosting products, features, support, and customized services, which are designed to help you develop the web presence for your business.

Arics technology provides best web hosting service that is an important part of your online business. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or big business website, you must have a dedicated server hosting with high reliability and very least downtime. Keeping this in mind we at Arics Technology provide a secure,reliable & powerful hosting at affordable prices.



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