Keep your website and email hosting separate | Here’s Why?

web hosting emailNowadays all your online needs comes in 1 package- Email, web hosting, domain names all in one stop.

When we purchased a domain name and a hosting plan, branded email accounts came with it for free. It’s convenient. It’s cheap. It’s easy. But there’s a catch. What will happen when your web host goes down? In that event, not only can you not open your site, but you will lose your email too.

Therefore its general consensus to have your domain name and email hosting separate.Here are some reasons to why it’s a good idea to keep your email separate from your website hosting:

  • Website hosting is for websites only, not email: So the support provided for website hosting is primary and email is secondary. Most hosts throw in email because it’s profitable for them.
  • Website host will take up space for hosting your email: The provided email hosting that you are sending, recieving, all the mails,will be taking up space that your website could be using.
  • Website’s email hosting software is not secure: The user interface of the email software provided by website hosts is poor. If you’re used to something like gmail or even yahoo mail, you will be disappointed.
  • Website hosting is not 100% reliable: Website hosting is not 100% reliable. If your website goes down, your email will go down with it. When you will have hosting downtime for a couple of hours or days. Email is the central way of communication.
  • Using website hosting for your email locks you in: You don’t want to be chained in to that website forever. At some point in future you may find a better hosting deal for your website elsewhere. Migrating a website is simple but migrating email can be tricky. Therefore its better if your email isn’t tied to your website host.

It is important for small companies to not view email as some sort of a bonus of their website hosting. Be prepared to pay for your email separately, be serious about your email solution that is able to scale with your project.

Arics technology provides best web hosting service that is an important part of your online business. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or big business website, you must have a dedicated server hosting with high reliability and very least downtime. Keeping this in mind we at Arics Technology provide a secure,reliable & powerful hosting at affordable prices.




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